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AlpVision – Anti-counterfeiting technologies for labels and packaging

SWITZERLAND • AlpVision is a supplier of digital anti-counterfeiting solutions to protect  primary and secondary labels and packaging labels. Regular Smartphones are used to authenticate products without network connection.

Cryptoglyph in an invisible security feature using only standard varnish and standard industrial printing processes (rotogravure, flexography, offset). Applied during the normal printing process, this technology can be used on labels and packagings. Patterns of micro-dots, invisible to the naked eye can also be generated on the whole surface of the packaging or labelling using standard visible ink.

Fingerprint invisible technology uses the microstructure of the product itself as security feature. No extra implementation or production costs are added. This technology can be used on plastic or metal products, for example flip off caps. Smart Embossing is a visible security feature with a metallic look. It can be directly integrated in the packaging or added in form of a normal or tamper-evident label. The covert security feature is produced without any change in the production process and without alteration of the production speed and therefore without extra production cost.

Under the Krypsos brand, AlpVision provides licences for a comprehensive range of software solutions that help combat counterfeiting on a worldwide scale, uncovering any signs of market diversion and allowing the product manufacturer full access to monitor activities. In addition, anti-counterfeiting solutions from AlpVision meet US health authority regulations for pharmaceutical products.

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