Arconvert – Self-adhesive papers and films for the wine sector on display

A specially designed label for the wine market (Source: Arconvert)

ITALY • Arconvert will participate at the next edition of Wine2Wine (4-5 December 2017) in Verona. At the forum all wine related issues are covered ranging from production to law, from marketing strategies to market dynamics, from labelling to packaging.

Arcovert will showcase its selection of self-adhesive papers and films; supporting the customer’s choice of technological features such as, barrier, waterproof, greaseproof, FSC, IDP, tree-free, and recycled papers, and inkjet, food contact, IDP, flex films, etc. Finishing possibilities include embossed, felt marked, laid, soft-touch, pearly, fluo, and metallized papers on one side and transparent, matt, gloss, silver films on the other.


According to Arconvert the company prodides a solution to the issue of the white border and backside of the label. The company also provides pre- and post-sales technical support to its customers.

Wine2Wine 2017 takes place from 4 to 5 December in Verona, Italy.

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