Brady – All chemicals labelled?

Printed CLP labels

In June 2015, the transition period ends for mandatory CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) labelling in the European Union and after that all dangerous chemical substances and mixtures need to carry a predefined CLP-label.

To warn employees, handlers, customers and everyone who could get exposed, a system of pictograms and safety messages has been developed to label dangerous chemicals and chemical mixtures. Almost all chemicals in the EU need to adhere to the CLP-identification language to ensure the risks of exposure are equally understandable throughout Europe, because these chemicals are part of everyone’s daily life. To comply with regulation, a CLP label needs hazard pictograms, the relevant signal word, hazard & precautionary statements, the name, address and telephone number of the supplier, the nominal quantity of a substance or mixture in the package, and product identifiers. It also communicates how to avoid health risk or to remedy exposure.


The CLP chemicals labels wizard, integrated in Brady’s Markware Signmaking software, offers a straightforward way to create compliant CLP-labels. In combination with Markware, every Minimark industrial label maker, BBP 31, BBP 33 and BBP 85 sign and label printer, or GlobalMark Colour & Cut, offer on-site CLP label creation capabilities.

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