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BST eltromat – New series of quality assurance technologies

BST eltromat showed the Shark 4000 Lex inspection system for rewinders and narrow web presses

BELGIUM • At Labelexpo Europe the company presented their EcoGuide entry level solution for web guide regulation, and a wide array sensor from their subsidiary AccuWeb Inc. incorporating their controller ekr 500 digital. In addition systems CompactGuide and SmartGuide, the digital sensor CLS Pro 600 and the current ekr controller generation were also on display.

They also showed their solution for the measurement of absolute colour values with the iPQ-Spectral. In addition, a further process sequence was introduced in the pre-print stage, which was developed in cooperation with Carl Ostermann Erben, a renowned German company. A new module for the iPQ-Center 100% print image inspection system is iPQ-Check, which is provided with a new self-developed LED lighting. This means that the module is best suited for printing flexible packaging, for all opaque (lightproof) and reflective materials, but can also be used for normal paper. The Shark 4000 Lex, a flexible, adjustable 100% inspection system for use on rewinders and narrow web printing machines will support the iPQ-Workflow from now on, which according to the company means a significant process improvement.

A further show focus was on the PowerScope 4000 for video web monitoring. The addition of a joystick makes the operating concept of the rotatable and removable keyboard and touch screen even more flexible, and the handling even more intuitive.

Also on display was TubeScan EagleView, a print inspection system from Nyquist Systems, for which BST eltromat is the worldwide distributor. The system combines several cameras that deliver zoom images and 100% inspection at the same time. They demonstrated the interplay of the Shark 4000 Lex inspection system for rewinders and narrow web printing presses with the iPQ-Workflow. Finally, the company has added a joystick to its video system for web inspection PowerScope 4000.

Armin Karl Geiger

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