Constantia Flexibles – Creating a celebration in a bottle

To create the Heineken Desperados Original brand label, Constantia Flexibles used a silver cold foil and overprinted it with a gold wash (Source: Constantia Flexibles)

Heineken’s Desperados Original brand, a beer flavored with tequila, recently introduced a limited edition. Designed to appeal to a younger audience for celebrations and special occasions, this product launched simultaneously in 10 countries in late 2016. The original beer recipe stayed the same, but mesmerizing glitter swirls were added so that the end product was a festive accessory to a celebratory occasion.

The label had a very important role: to re-inforce the premium nature of the brand and to keep the right balance between standing out on shelf and allowing the product itself to shine. The Desperados brand identity needed to remain strong, while the product itself stood out from the rest of the range.


The team wanted to make sure that the label complemented the golden particles in the liquid, especially once the bottle was tipped. To achieve this, Constantia Flexibles selected a silver cold foil and overprinted it with a gold wash. This allowed them to achieve various shades of high metallic gold effects by just changing the gold wash.


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