CTC International – New semi-automatic splicer

USA • The new mode 800-PB-VF- 36 heavy duty compact semi-automatic splicer is engineered to operate in line with converting processes. This ergonomically designed machine allows non-stop production for rolls up to 36” diameter and weighing up to 900 pounds. The splicer loads rolls directly from the floor without requiring additional material handling equipment, by using a turreting roll lifting concept.

A built in web festoon allows the operator to load rolls and make manual splices while the process is running, providing non-stop production. The included splice table has and a cutting slot for the operator to trim the expired and new webs, and a convenient integral tape dispenser. According to the company the machine is engineered so that one operator can do roll loading and splice prep. Machine can be application engineered for a range of roll sizes, web tensions and web dynamics. A CE compliant version is also available.



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