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Domino – Textures as standout effects for labels and packaging

“Textures by Domino” is a new ink jet capability which allows label printers to print digitally textured labels

UK • Domino Digital Printing Solutions is presented at Label & Print 2016 “Textures by Domino”, a new ink jet capability which allows label printers to print digitally textured labels just by using the high opacity white ink on the N610i digital colour label press, without the need to invest in expensive textured substrates. This technique enables printers to create visually striking, tactile labels that not only give products strong shelf presence but also help to increase customer engagement across a wide variety of sectors, such as wine, beer, cosmetics and beauty.

Consumers don’t just use their eyes when making purchasing decisions – they use the sense of touch too. Research has shown that a brand’s impact increases by 30% when more than one sense is engaged in packaging design. Using this technique gives labels that added “feel appeal”, thereby maximising the chance of the product being taken off the shelf.

For example, label printers servicing the craft beer industry, a sector which has recently exploded in popularity, could use the N610i to create raised, textured designs to reflect the earthy nature of brewing and the natural grains and ingredients that go into it, or to create an eye-catching metallic effect that would allow the bottle to stand out in a bar display or on a crowded supermarket shelf. A labeller catering to the wine industry could generate a “premium” feel using digital textured effects across a bottle label simulating conventional textured papers, thereby adding value to the brand. This process can also be applied to synthetic materials which is unique.

Armin Karl Geiger

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