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Dow Corning/RecuLiner – From release liner waste to insulation material

RecuLiner developed a recycling technology which converts paper release liner waste from self-adhesive labels into insulation material

Belgium • As a crucial part of label constructions, release liners serve as a carrier for labels to transfer the label to the final product, and as silicone layers are present on release liners, they become part of the waste stream. In order to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability in the packaging value chain, Dow Corning announced a collaboration agreement with RecuLiner, a Belgian company that developed and patented a recycling technology which converts paper release liner waste from self-adhesive labels into different end products such as insulation material. Both companies see enormous potential to contribute sustainably to the packaging and self-adhesive labelling industry by combining efforts in recycling release liner waste with the power of silicones.

Founded in 2010, RecuLiner’s technology collects paper release liner waste and converts and processes it into loose fibers which can then be used for different end applications. For the use of thermal insulation material, dry fibers can be blown into walls or alternatively sprayed together with a pressure-sensitive adhesive onto walls. This technique (CFI – Cellulose Fiber Insulation) displays very low heat transmission, close to other insulation materials. In comparison to other recycled papers such as newspapers, which are normally used for this process, paper release liners have the advantage of being made of pure virgin fibers, which have not been printed on, and have a more consistent and uniform quality. This leads to a better and cleaner product (e.g. yellow instead of grey) and enhanced processability.

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Armin Karl Geiger

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