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DuPont and Esko – Celebrating 20 Years of collaboration at drupa 2016

Challenging designs with high solid ink density and distinctive highlights can be achieved with new DuPont Cyrel Easy flexo plate

GERMANY • DuPont Advanced Printing and Esko celebrated 20 years of collaboration at drupa 2016, where they will highlight their most recent innovations to advance flexography.

Developed specifically for the flexible packaging/tag and label markets, the Cyrel Easy plates are based on a new polymer technology that produces higher ink transfer, colour saturation and resolution. With built-in flat top dot plates, they help simplify the prepress process, improving productivity and consistency. Significantly higher solid-ink density has been demonstrated in customer testing, without compromising on highlights. The plates are available globally for FAST/thermal and solvent processing and in engineered and smooth surfaces. Additional Easy flexo products are currently in development for the corrugated, beverage and folding carton markets. At drupa, DuPont Advanced Printing also featured Cyrel FAST 2000TD, the next-generation thermal processing technology.

During drupa 2016, the Esko XPS Crystal 5080 standalone exposure device that performs LED UV main and back exposure in one process step and in parallel with the imaging process on the CDI has been on display at the DuPont stand. Both imaging and exposure device have been commercially available at drupa. The 4835 and 4260 sizes of the CDI and XPS Crystal technology will be commercially available from Q4 2016 onward. The Esko XPS Crystal 5080 also will be available as a companion product to the currently installed CDI base.

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Armin Karl Geiger

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