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Edale – AIIR auto inking, print impression and registration system

The Edale FL5 Flex Pack flexographic press now featuring AIIR inking, print impression and registration system

UK • AIIR is a new and fully automated inking and print impression and camera controlled liner and cross registration system. Edale have teamed up with press control system specialist AVT to integrate their camera based technology into the Edale range of FL3 and FL5 flexographic presses, ensuring an optimal level of registration.

Bespoke software developed in-house ensures that five additional motors, individually positioned on each print station adjust the print impression, inking and cross register to ensure the highest print quality. AIIR is available as standard on all new Edale FL5 presses and can be purchased as an optional extra on the FL3 press.

Registration marks are printed on each station and fed through to the AVT Helios S camera positioned at the end of the press. The camera analyses the relative positions of the marks and sends necessary corrections to the respective print stations. Sophisticated tracking software developed by Edale ensures that no additional corrections are made until the initial corrections have passed the camera, overcoming the common problem of an over enthusiastic operator.

To minimise waste, the AVT Helios S camera registration implementation is designed to complement Edale’s pre-register and print-to-mark register systems, ensuring that a saleable product can be achieved in no more than two web lengths of the machine. Increased linear and cross-registration accuracy can be maintained throughout the print run, without the intervention of operators manually adjusting registration settings which can lead to increased wastage and out of register prints.

The technology significantly reduces the number of operator inputs and time needed to set up a job by automatically positioning the pressure settings based on saved job data or material calliper. Print consistency is enhanced through operator defined profiles that adjust pressure relative to press speed.

The Edale FL-5 Flex Pack is a fully servo driven printing and converting system boasting servo drives on each print head, providing pre-register, auto-register and print length control, as standard. The high specification allows for a wide range of substrates with typical applications varying from labels and a wide range of flexible packaging substrates including PET, PVC and PP’s.



Armin Karl Geiger

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