Erhardt+Leimer – New AG 9 brushless actuating drive

GERMANY • The AG 9 is the first actuating drive that Erhardt+Leimer has developed entirely internally. The device was primarily designed for web guiding systems, however in principle it can be used in all applications that require a maintenance-free, highly dynamic linear drive with a large actuating force.

In combination with the command station DO 3001, the AG 9 is used for web guiding on unwinders, rewinders and in large pivoting frames. Ethernet networking with response times of 1 ms and an actuating speed of up to 60 mm/s (0.2 fps) ensure best actuating dynamics. Even at high reel weight, that allows optimal compensation of tumbling errors, for example. Control frequencies up to 4 Hz are possible.


According to Erhardt+Leimer, the AG 9 is the only fully integrated actuating drive on the market with a brushless and therefore wear-free motor. The position is acquired via an integrated absolute encoder, which is also a unique feature. That means that no reference run is required on commissioning, and the current position of the actuating drive is not lost even if the power fails. The controller is also integrated in the actuating drive. As the AG 9 is a direct drive without gearbox, it is almost play-free in the axial direction. The device itself is highly compact, allowing it to be mounted even in tight spaces.

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