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Esko – Assure compliancy with new FDA labelling regulation

BELGIUM • Following a recent announcement by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that it is introducing a modernized Nutrition Facts Label for packaged foods, Esko is working to integrate the new FDA guidelines into dedicated templates as part of its Packaging Management and Prepress solutions. Esko customers will be able to automate updates to packaging and label designs for a timely and efficient transition to the new Nutrition Facts table format, minimizing time to market and ensuring accuracy.

Changes to the new Nutrition Facts Label include a refreshed design, with increased type size for “Calories”, “Servings Per Container”, and “Serving Size”, as well as the addition of “Added Sugars” in grams and as percentage of daily value, and an update to many serving sizes to bring them more in line with current consumer habits.

The Esko Software Platform helps CPG brand owners and packaging and label converters to reduce time-to-market and raise productivity, while ensuring complete compliance with FDA and other local regulations. Esko also works closely with the GS1 standards organization to drive the improvement of industry standards.

Armin Karl Geiger

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