Feldmuehle – VivaCard in high basis weights

VivaCard folding box by Feldmühle (Source: Feldmühle)

GERMANY • Feldmuehle has added new high basis weights to its VivaCard range of high-white, matt SBS boards. VivaCard C1S, which was previously available in 220 – 330 g/m², is now also available in basis weights of 350 and 380 g/m². The VivaCard C2S range, previously available in 200 – 330 g/m², has been expanded with three new basis weights – 360, 380 and 410 g/m². The product line is suitable for high-impact packaging and a range of graphical applications.

According to Markus Müller, segment manager board solutions at Feldmühle, the high basis weights offer an very good MD/CD stiffness ratio. VivaCard is set to offer high print quality due to its high-white, modern surface. It further has a delta gloss, i.e. the gloss difference between varnished and unvarnished surfaces which causes a visual effect.


VivaCard is suitable for a range of applications, such as folding boxes, covers, folders, postcards, tags, tickets, posters, game cards and shopping bags.

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