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Flint Group: App for flexo printing

GERMANY  Flint Group Flexographic Products launched a new FlexoToolbox App for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, which is now commercially available on the global market. The App was presented at the North American INFO*FLEX exhibition on April 28 – 29, 2014.

This interactive collection of tools incorporates many different functions for simplifying and standardising flexo prepress, plate making and process control. The app can assist platemakers with tasks ranging from the calculation of plate distortion, the control of processing parameters, such as solvent balance or monitoring UVA intensity and the determination of sleeve diameters. With these and a myriad of other helpful functions and tips at the push of a button, a considerable simplification of work is provided to the customer. This tool is geared towards anyone working in prepress or press-side functions in the printing industry.

According to Flint Group, the FlexoToolbox App can be obtained free of charge in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store with immediate effect in English language.

Andreas Keller

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    What a cool idea! I especially like the fact that the app calculates plate distortion. Will definitely be sharing with our production department.

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