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Flint Group Narrow Web – New LED UV ink for food compliant labels

The new EkoCure Ancora inks are suitable for food compliant labels and packaging applications

SWEDEN • EkoCure Ancora is a new low migration ink series combining the technology of LED UV curing along with low migration food compliant chemistries. Together, the technologies enable reliable food safe printing due to stable curing at high press speeds and optimised LED UV ink chemistry.

EkoCure Ancora delivers documented low migration properties achieved at print speeds in excess of 500 fpm (150 m/min. It is suitable for the most stringent food label and packaging applications, meeting specific migration levels below 10 ppb, 50 ppb or SML. It is compliant to Nestle Guidance Note, Swiss Ordinance and FDA regulations and tested using the food simulants of 95% Ethanol, Tenax, and Acetic Acid at 40° C for ten days. In addition it has very good colour strength and adhesion to a wide range of synthetic substrates.

The product is available in the full range of Pantone basic colours, four-colour process set plus orange, green and violet for expanded gamut printing, opaque white as well as a range of coatings, adhesives, and metallics.

Armin Karl Geiger

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