Flint Group Narrow Web – New UV LED flexo ink system for shrink sleeves

SWEDEN • Flint Group globally launches EkoCure XS, a UV LED ink series with the best adhesion and post shrink performance on shrink substrates, that is also dual-cure, and provides consistent cure at the highest printing speeds. The new ink series is suitable for converters in order to adopt shrink sleeve applications.

According to Dr  Paulo Vieira, Director of Research and Development, Flint Group Narrow Web NA, the new UV LED flexo ink system is a combination “of photo initiators and binders allowing the ink to cross link from top to bottom and therefore cure fully when exposed to the UV wavelengths from either Mercury or LED lamps”.


EkoCure XS is designed for the demands of shrink sleeve applications.  According to Flint, customers especially spezialized in the short run shrink sleeve market, want a UV dual-curable ink with better adhesion and increased curing speed.

The Canadian company Groupe Lelys already adopted the EkoCure XS ink series.  According to Aureo Azevedo, Groupe Lelys Procurement Leader, the EkoCure XS by Flint Group Narrow Web eliminated their adhesion issues and resulted in 15 to 20% faster press speed.

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