GEW – New inline UV dose control sensor launched at drupa

The new GEW multi-point inline UV dose control, launched at drupa 2016

GEW • According to the manufacturer, printing professionals were excited about the new GEW multi-point inline UV dose control sensor, launched at drupa 2016.

The UV monitor consists of a calibrated sensor that continuously reads and records the UV intensity in a UV curing system. This is vital to avoid the risks and consequences of undercured product reaching the customer. Media printed with UV inks and intended for use in packaging and labels for food applications have to be guaranteed 100% cured. GEW’s UV monitor is a highly reliable and cost effective solution for continuous production monitoring of UV intensity and dose at multiple positions across the web thus eliminating the possibility of inadequate UV dose. Also note the compressed air purge at the tip of the sensor to prevent dirt and dust ingress.

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