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Global Graphics – Software service for labels presses on show at Labelexpo Americas

USA • A new software and engineering service for labels and packaging presses will be on show at Labelexpo Americas (Stand 6455). Called Fundamentals, the service provides inkjet press manufacturers with a single source for the key software components and engineering knowhow that are essential to building a digital front end to drive a press.  The goal is to help to reduce time to market and engineering costs by breaking through the common barriers that prevent manufacturers from getting out to market on time and on budget.

Crucially, Fundamentals can also be applied to existing presses to overcome common quality issues, such as poor quality barcodes or small text, or, defects caused by mottling and chaining, irrespective of other software choices that may have been made. According to the manufacturer, this service provides manufacturers with an alternative to an Esko workflow or can be used alongside an Esko RIP.

Fundamentals creates a much broader software offering alongside a RIP – it can include the Harlequin RIP, but doesn’t need to – and is Global Graphics’ response to the many press vendors who are looking for the optimal choice of software components to drive their inkjet presses. A key ingredient is the BreakThrough Engineering Service provided by Global Graphics color scientists, screening experts and RIP technologists. They provide the integration services that link Fundamentals together.

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Armin Karl Geiger

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