GMG – More functionality for OpenColor 2.2

GMG OpenColor version 2.2 is now available (Source: GMG)

GERMANY • Colour management company GMG is releasing an upgrade to its GMG OpenColor profiling solution. Version 2.2 of the software incorporates automatic, spectral data-based optimization of measurement data.

According to the company, the GMG OpenColor creates colour-accurate proofing and separation profiles based on characterisation of the planned print production. The user measures test charts or colour patches in order to obtain data needed for characterization. This data is subsequently combined with other parameters from the printing process to create a dynamic profile.


Naturally, the data obtained from the calibration process has to be optimized. Erroneous test charts, poor substrate textures, and dust can all cause an excessive degree of distortion. Deviations can also arise from the measuring device itself.  Previously, users of GMG OpenColor were reliant on third-party software for optimising the measurement data or had to subsequently correct profiles themselves in a manual process. With Version 2.2, due to the new automatic optimisation of the measurement data, users can create a colour-accurate profile in a few steps.

According to GMG product manager Peter Schöffler, the optimisation is based directly on the measured spectral data, which is then processed via our spectral model. This ensures that the measurement data is preserved and not distorted by conversion into Lab. Within the software, the user can configure and analyse the level of optimization required.

CxF/X-4 support according ISO 17972-4 complements the new GMG OpenColor version. Spectral values along with dot gain steps can now be communicated to other parties involved in a print production.

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