Herma- A useful label calculator

Herma's new label calculator enables users to determine the number of labels and ideal roll diameter online

GERMANY • Users can now quickly and easily calculate the number of labels on a roll and make better use of the maximum possible roll diameter. Before placing an order, the label user can align the key parameters – number of labels or outside diameter of roll – with his individual needs and improve the planning of labelling processes. Given a maximum label roll outside diameter of 300 mm (12”), for instance, the calculator can be used to determine how many labels the roll can accommodate.

And a user who is accustomed to using relatively small rolls can determine how many additional labels would fit on the roll without exceeding the maximum outside diameter allowed by his labelling system. Label printers can benefit from this calculator as well – in the past they have generally relied on the ordering system for performing such calculations. Given that it is intended primarily for users wishing to enter order details, however, the procedure is much more laborious. The label calculator operates in much the same way as the Herma roll calculator for adhesive materials.


In the interests of convenience, the Herma label calculator can be used without downloading and installing an app. Registration and logging in are likewise not needed. The only requirement is access to the internet. Once loaded, the label calculator can be added to the start screen as a web app. It is available in German, English, French and Dutch.

To download the Herma label calculator please click here.


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