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Herma – Adhesive for sealing labels for wet wipe pouches

The semi-permanent 52C acrylate contact adhesive for sealing labels (Source: Herma)

GERMANY • The new semi-permanent 52C is a UV-reticulating acrylate contact adhesive (UVA) was developed primarily for sealing labels applied to wet wipe pouches. It is suitable, however, for both dry and moist surfaces. It does not become cloudy in contact with oil, water, solvents or cleaning agents, so that the sealing label retains its attractive appearance. In clear-on-clear applications, the adhesive remains highly transparent even after repeated peeling. It is also characterised by especially consistent, smooth and silent peeling in conjunction with most plastic surfaces and films.

At the same time, its very high cohesion prevents the formation of unsightly strands. The adhesive resists the elastic forces encountered with curved surfaces, such as those often incorporated in the design of flexible packaging for wet wipes. To ensure that the labels retain their benefits for the entire life of the packaging, the 52C grade offers especially good resistance to light, heat, water and ageing. As an absolutely migration-safe adhesive, it has also been unconditionally approved for direct food contact.

Armin Karl Geiger

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