Herma – Heat-resistant and hard-wearing PET label films

Herma PET white matt and silver matt are two films that are predestined for use as extremely durable labels, in the automotive and electrical industries in particular. (Source: Herma)

GERMANY • Industrial labels on circuit boards or in vehicle engine compartments must withstand exceptional temperatures. They also have to hold fast – even when applied to a moist, oily or very rough surface. For this purpose, Herma has launched two UL-certified PET films, namely silver matt XT (grade 943) and white matt XT (grade 944), both of which are targeted especially at the automotive and electrical sectors. Their special surface coating ensures supreme printability when classic methods are employed, including laser and thermal transfer. The two films are extremely rugged and thus suitable for use within a broad temperature spectrum (-50 to +140° Celsius, and short-term exposure to max. +150° Celsius). Their good resistance to chemicals and high tensile forces, moreover, open up a wide range of applications.

The standard coating for the new films is the HERMA adhesive 63B. It is an acrylate-based permanent adhesive that offers promising processing parameters. In view of its aggressive adhesive behaviour, this grade is ideally suited for critical surfaces, such as rough carton, for applying labels to vials, metal containers, or drums containing chemicals, and for hot filling applications. In combination with PET, it is especially able to withstand exposure to elevated temperatures. A classic field of use in this context is type plates. The adhesive also offers very good water resistance and is an option for applying labels to moist and cool surfaces. It resists the influence of light, heat and ageing especially well. Finally, it also offers beneficial die-cutting attributes.

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