Herma – Low migration adhesive for pharma labels

To a growing extent, glass pill bottles are being replaced by plastic containers made of HDPE or LDPE, which increases the risk of migration (Source: Herma)

GERMANY • The new pharmaceutical label adhesive HermaPerfectStick (63Mps) practically rules out migration through ubiquitous PE plastics. According to the manufacturer, in tests conforming to European standard EN 1186 the adhesive performed exceptionally well. Having concluded its examination, the test institute ISEGA announced that the migration values were below the detection limit.

Exceptional migration values are very important for labelling solutions in the pharmaceutical sector as more and more manufacturers are rejecting glass in favour of plastic containers. Pharmaceutical adhesive grade 63Mps offers additional benefits, moreover, that are thought to be unique alongside its resistance to migration. It performs reliably, for example, even when applied to containers with very small circumferences. With test tubes, small bottles and vials it significantly reduces the risk of the label lifting off because of the large elastic forces that come into play. Thanks to its excellent initial tack, it is also the perfect choice when labelling in cool environments and at high speed. The new adhesive 63Mps is available in combination with a broad array of white paper and film products, including especially supple materials that are ideal for reliable wrap-around labelling applications.

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