Herma – New extra-thin thermal paper for pharma, cosmetic and food applications

In combination with certain adhesive, the new thermal paper is set to offer migration safety and high performance with small diameters (Source: Herma)

GERMANY • The company’self-adhesive materials division introduced a 60 grammes thermal paper, Hermatherm top 60 (grade 914), which is suitable for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food applications, as well as the retail sector and logistics. According to the company, this new thermal paper offers very high migration safety and great performance with very small diameters in combination with the multi-layer adhesive “HermaperfectStick (63Mps)”

The bisphenol A (BPA)-free material is used wherever thermal labels made from smudge-proof, solvent- and grease-resistant paper are required. It gives very good results when applied to both dry and moist surfaces, even when subsequently exposed to the effects of humidity. The material can also be used with items containing plasticisers. It can be used for EAN and UPC codes due to its high whiteness and thermal printability. According to Herma the material is less susceptible to scratching which aids the barcode reading accuracy.


According to the company the standard coating for this paper is its multi-layer adhesive “HERMAperfectStick (63Mps)” which is set to be extremely migration-safe, suitable for small diameters and offers instant adhesion also in cool environments

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