Herma – New materials for wine labels

HermaFelt white brut (316) and HermaPearly sun (330) are new materials for wine and sparkling wine labels

GERMANY • The company’s new and visually appealing textured paper types HermaFelt white brut (316) und HermaPearly sun (330) are the newest addition to the manufacturer’s HermaExquisite range of materials for wine and sparkling wine labels. HermaFelt white brut (316) offers label makers high opacity alongside good moisture resistance and a grained surface structure, while HermaPearly sun (330) provides a pearlescent, textile-like surface structure.

The HermaExquisite portfolio includes 23 additional high-end label materials: textured and moisture-resistant as well as coated papers, aluminium papers, and white or transparent films. In all cases, optimal adhesion is ensured by Herma’s 62W multi-layer adhesive. It offers very good adhesive properties even in cool and damp conditions, e.g. in wine cellars, and is suitable for submersion in ice buckets. Additionally, it features the ISEGA certificate for direct contact with foodstuffs.

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