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Herma: New overlaminating film

GERMANY According to Herma, label printers have given a positive reception to their new overlaminating film. It provides a simple and affordable way of equipping even paper labels to withstand harsh and critical environments. “It helps to protect our labels effectively from cracking or rubbing if the application demands it. It also makes the label resistant to chemicals and the elements,” says Managing Director Simon Smith of CS Labels. In view of the company’s significance, his words carry weight. CS Labels, whose headquarters are in the Midlands, UK, ranks among Europe’s largest digital label printers. Apart from its functional benefits, Simon also acknowledges the appealing appearance of HERMA’s overlaminating film, “Aesthetically, the overlaminate adds a very high-end gloss finish, so for certain premium products and brands, it can really help to sell the client’s product.”


Andreas Keller

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