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Herma – Tackling small radii whilst stopping migration

Herma’s new 63Mps adhesive combines extreme initial tack with a favourable correction level regarding migration

GERMANY • The company’s new multi-layer pharmaceutical adhesive 63Mps is said to be migration-safe, tackles very small radii, and provides reliable tack even in cool environments, solving many challenges in the labelling of delicate tubes, bottles, and ampoules. With small diameters of 15 millimetres (0.6”) or less, huge restoring forces act upon the adhesive. As a result, labels can unintentionally peel off, stick together, or even fall off. Additional obstacles in pharmaceutical labelling are cool environments and the fast application of labels by means of high-speed systems. Excellent initial tack is therefore essential.

The adhesives employed in these tasks are approved for use in the pharmaceutical industry and do not represent any health hazards. Nevertheless, pharmaceutical manufacturers place great value on making sure that no adhesive components can “migrate” into their products.

Herma’s new 63Mps adhesive combines the extreme (initial) tack required for such wrap-around applications with the optimal correction level regarding migration. This factor measures the quantity of constituents that can migrate from the adhesive under defined testing conditions. It ranges from correction factor 2, the best value, to correction factor 5. As a rule, most standard dispersion adhesives already have difficulties complying with correction factor 5. Typical hot-melt adhesives that are often used for specialized applications usually display even more critical characteristics. The 63Mps adhesive reaches correction factor 2 – the best possible result in terms of correction factors.

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Armin Karl Geiger

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