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Hermann Lappe – Flexible storage and transport device for rollers

Quicktrans is a very flexible storage and transport device for rollers

GERMANY • With Quicktrans the company Hermann Lappe Hamburg e.K. offers a flexible storage and transport device for rollers such as plate cylinders, magnetic cylinders, and anilox rollers. It can accommodate rollers up to 20 kg each and a maximum length of 1000 mm (39.4”).

With compact overall dimensions (length x height x depth) of 1784 mm x 994 mm x 794 mm (70.2” x 39.1” x 31.3”) the chassis is provided with two fixed and two steering wheels with brakes. The main benefit of the Quicktrans device is its high flexibility. It can be individually adjusted to the length and diameter of the respective rollers. This applies on both sides of the Quicktrans device.

The maximum payload with an even distribution is 400 kg (881.8 lbs). In the standard version, Quicktrans is supplied with eight pairs of height adjustable support brackets with 20 mm (0.8”) increments with four pairs on each side. The support brackets are made of birch multiplex sheets to prevent direct contact between roller journals and steel. This avoids any potential damage to the rollers. According to Lappe, the support brackets are easy to assemble with screw connections. Easy manoeuvring of the device is ensured by two plastic handles on one end. The German made Quicktrans has been manufactured in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and therefore complies with current regulations.

Optional accessories include a roll holder for cleaning cloths, a waste bin, a can holder and further support brackets.

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