HP Indigo – A fully digital, single pass solution

HP Indigo Digital Combination Printing is a one-pass printing and embellishment solution

GERMANY • At drupa 2016 the company introduced HP Indigo Digital Combination printing, a one-pass solution bringing the full advantages of digital print to label embellishment processes.

Current market challenges


Converters worldwide are experiencing the impact of market demand for shorter print runs and faster turnaround times to meet supply chain pressures, growing stock keeping unit (SKU) diversity, frequent and seasonal redesigns, and customized product campaigns. There is also growing demand for value adding product features to maintain a competitive advantage and supply products that stand out on the shelf. The process of printing digitally then adding varnishes, foil and other embellishments with an analog device is a good fit for short runs. The increase in the quantity of digitally printed jobs necessitates a more efficient solution.

Embellishments as part of a single process

Embellishments are an attractive avenue for brands to increase shelf-appeal. However, for many converters, the cost and production complexity makes them unfeasible. HP Indigo Digital Combination Printing adds digital embellishments to the printing pass, enabling a fully digital production line with a single point of control for labels including foil, spot varnish, tactile silk screen-like effects, and more. Indigo’s digital combination printing will support multiple levels of production capacity: up to 40 m/min (131 fpm) for the HP Indigo WS6800 Digital Press and 80 m/min (262 fpm) on the HP Indigo 8000 Digital Press.

Making it simple

HP Indigo Digital Combination Printing offers simple, streamlined, production and enables a fully automated, tooling-free print process for any label type. Using a fully digital process reduces the need for manual interventions in the workflow – be it for file handling or tooling production – significantly improving turnaround time and reducing production cost and complexity.

As today’s analog combination printing often requires high level of expertise in various printing processes, Digital Combination Printing is said to reduce the level of complexity with all parameters set and controlled by the press, further reducing set up and running waste

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