Hybrid Software – Variable Data Printing (VDP) for its PackZ PDF editor and Cloudflow workflow suite

Hybrid Software's Variable Date Printing (VDP) option for its Packz PDF and Cloudflow workflows(Source: Hybrid Software)

GERMANY / USA • Hybrid Software has launched Variable Data Printing (VDP) for its PackZ PDF editor and Cloudflow workflow suite and currently demonstrates it at Labelexpo Americas 2018.

According to Guido Van der Schueren, chairman of Hybrid Software, the company’s “development team stepped up to deliver a solution that is truly revolutionary by leveraging Hybrid’s native PDF technology and our “Live Objects” controls for adding customized content to a PDF file.”


The VDP products are applied at the pre-press stage, not in the pressroom. According to the company, this eliminates the up-front template creation that slows down the other VDP solutions available today.

The VDP Prepare option can be used to turn any PDF package or label design into a VDP design by simply indicating which elements (text, barcodes, images, colors, etc) are dynamic and linking them to a data source. VDP Prepare displays all iterations of the design and features special tools for quality assurance. It is included at no charge for all users of PackZ 5.0 and higher. Once the graphics are VDP-ready, the VDP Executemodule is used to prepare an optimized PDF file that is ready for digital output.  VDP Execute is available for both PackZ and Cloudflow, with different price points based on a customer’s throughput requirements.

Van der Schueren added: “This optimized PDF output is device independent and has been tested with the most common digital presses available today. We’re ready to fill the need for a VDP solution for labels and packaging that is both powerful and easy to use.”

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