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Ink supply and chambered doctor blade technology

TRESU’s F10 iCon Ink Supply System automates ink pressure, viscosity and temperature in flexo printing machines.

DENMARK • Tresu Group, supplier of flexo technology, presents ancillary products that claim to improve ink flow at Labelexpo Americas 2014 (9-11 September, Chicago, USA). The F10 iCon ink supply system automates ink pressure, viscosity and temperature control in flexo printing machines. This, in turn, ensures a constant, accurate ink density on the printed substrate and prevents air from contaminating the ink chamber. The automation of ink flow reduces the need for manual intervention during the production run.

Chambered doctor blade systems include the FlexiPrint IMW E-Line, for web widths up to 1800mm (70.8”) and speeds up to 500m/min (1640ft/min); and the closed-cassette FlexiPrint reservoir, which needs no pump and operates at press speeds of up to 300m/min (984ft/min). The E-Line system, including clamp, allows for safe blade changeover in less than two minutes. The company’s patented Rubber Seal System provides an airtight closure, eliminating the chance of leakage and allowing long-term storage of ink, for instance when production is interrupted during weekend shutdowns.

Andreas Keller

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