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Rako Etiketten: Inline sheeting for digital prints

GERMANY.   A new Flexor 330SSD inline sheeter – a standalone inline solution for customers who want to produce sheets from their HP Indigo presses – has been installed.

The machine was developed for Rako Group who were facing the challenge that their end-customer wanted digitally printed sheets. The Flexor 330SSD can register to print without any waste and is easy to operate and set up. »The accuracy of the machine helps us to reduce waste to a minimum on personalised sheets.

In addition the machine is low-maintenance and very user-friendly«, says Roger Gehrke, Manager Digital Printing at Rako Etiketten. The Flexor 330SSD developed by EMIS Ltd of Warsaw/PL can cut a pre-printed web into A4 or A5 sheets and teaches itself the register mark. It is available for all HP Indigo models.

Andreas Keller

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