Mark Andy – Launch of Digital Series HD

Mark Andy Digital Series HD (Source: Mark Andy)

USA • The printing press manufacturers launched an enhancement of its digital series. The Digital Series HD can be configured with 5 through 8 digital colours and can support integrated inline or future-proof near line converting options.

The base roll-to-roll configuration is designed for those just entering the production digital space. As digital business expands, the modularity of the platform enables the shift to inline finishing to better utilise the high-speed platform.


Expanded gamut now offered in a high-chroma ink set (CMYK + OVG) complements an existing richly pigmented white ink formulation, which delivers output comparable to rotary screen. According to Mark Andy the ink provides three times the opacity of flexo white and more than double that of conventional EP white, measured in excess of 80%. Digital white can be run without trade-off in speed at the platform’s standard of 240 fpm (73 m/min).

New to the Digital Series HD press is a digital module. Once a flat table section, the new platform now showcases an arched IDS that accepts unsupported films and improves operator ergonomics, enabling quick and clean ink changeover.

According to the company, a range of cleaning options – manual, automatic, and semi-automatic ­- translates to less downtime and reduced costs. Additionally, the platform offers a more advanced VDP tool for personalisation.

Mark Andy Digital Series HD (Source: Mark Andy)

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