Mark Andy – Three models added to the Performance Series Line

Source: Mark Andy

USA • Mark Andy has released new press models, P9E, P7E and P5E to its Performance Series. The new narrow and mid web presses come with an updated ProLED system with air cooling and modular recirculation dryers, both offering sustainability benefits. The P9E will officially unveiled at Labelexpo Americas 2018.

The machines are equipped with Mark Andy Thread-It technology, which – according to the printing press manufacturer – simplifies press webbing for operators and is three times faster than traditional webbing methods.


P7E and P5E models for label printing

The Performance Series P7E is trageting entry level film and extended content applications in order to give label producers to opportunitiy to enter to markets. According to mark Andy its new press is designed to increase converter profitability for the simplest to most complex label applications.

According to the manufacturer the Performance Series P7E allows converters to expand into new markets, targeting entry level film and extended content applications. The P5E is designed with the aim to increase converter profitability for the “simplest to most complex label applications”, so the company states.

Jeff Cowan, Director Business Development, Mark Andy adds, that the P5 and P7 have been best selling models in the Performance Series line, based primarily on the versatility and productivity. According to thim, the release of the P5E and P7E demonstrates updated servo architecture allowing for tighter registration and a complete redesign of the converting options all focused on providing a better operator experience.

P9E press for HQ flexible package printing

The new Performance Series P9E press is specifically designed for high-quality flexible packaging production. Available in web widths up to 26“ (660 mm), the flexo press is engineered as the ideal solution to print film, shrink sleeves, flexible packaging and foil lidding.

Performance Series P9E is built standard with new servo-controlled impression adjustment, indepentendly servo-driven anilox rolls and servo side adjust at print speeds up to 1,000 fpm. Ergonomic efficiency is at the forefront of the wider 22“ (558.8 mm)and 26” web widths (660 mm), which include plate cylinder loading support as well as an anilox and chamber drawer. Configured with Mark Andy AI, the Performance Series P9E offers advanced automation with automated registration and impression, job save, 8 servo motors per station and a centralized control system.

According to the company the enhancements reduce manual adjustments and associated downtime while meeting Industry 4.0 demands. The Mark Andy AI package is intelligent and customized to unique business needs, curbing potential production bottlenecks.

Given the increased demand for shrink and pouches coupled with larger volumes of shorter run lengths, the P9E is also suitable for short run flexible package printing.

Further press options

Additional press options include Digital Plus Screen, a digital inkjet replacement for rotary screen printing as well as QCDC-SR (Quick Change Die Cut Semi Rotary) adding advanced capability to flexo equipment that is also available on Mark Andy digital hybrid technology.

P9E, P7E and P5E models are offered alongside the P3 and P4 press models. The Performance Series P7E and P5E are available now for order, with the official unveiling of P9E at Labelexpo Americas 2018 in Stand 319.

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