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Nivea – Printed ad keeps track of kids on the beach

Tracking children at crowded beaches using a printed add

BRAZIL • If you take your kids to a crowded beach, sunburn could be the least of your worries. What if the little ones wander off when you are not looking? How would you find them among all the umbrellas, towels, and beachgoers?

The cosmetics brand Nivea and the agency FCB Brasil partnered to develop a campaign for greater peace of mind using a unique way to integrate traditional print ads with interactive mobile technology. The print ad ran in select copies of the Veja Rio magazine, one of the most important weeklies in Brazil. Printed on the long margin of the ad was a “Sun Band”, a detachable bracelet with a build-in locator to be wrapped around the child’s wrist. After downloading the mobile app “Nivea Protégé” to their smartphone, parents could sync it with the Bluetooth-enabled bracelet that sends information about the child’s location to the phone.

In a last step, parents would set the perimeter that they consider safe and if the child wanders outside this zone, the app notifies the parents and the screen display shows where the child is relative to the parents. The wristband consists of moisture-resistant paper and is reusable. The app monitors the child in a 30-metre (100 ft) zone and can be used for several wristband-wearing children.

At present, it is not clear whether the ad will appear in other countries. To get alively impression of how this works please click here.

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