Nyquist Systems – TubeScan 100% print inspection now available with PDF validation

GERMANY • Nyquist Systems has officially released the new module “TubeScan PDF validation”. This recent development adds to the extensive product series of TubeScan inspection systems and allows for a fast, reliable and comfortable comparison between the TubeScan reference image and one or more interlaced digital PDF templates.

The emphasis of the TubeScan PDF validation tool lies on quick and user-friendly operation. Already when generating the reference image, a comparison to the PDF template can take place. The tool is accessed over the established touchscreen interface of the TubeScan System which makes for a reliable and easy operation.


A variety of features completes the TubeScan PDF validation tool. This includes inline correction of distortions, multiplication of PDF template images, depending on the number of reference images to be tested, or application of different PDF composition procedures, such as gray scale comparison or comparison of separated colour channels.

The TubeScan PDF validation module by Nyquist Systems demonstrates, once more, that effective and reliable 100% print inspection does not necessarily come with high investment costs. The range of integrated control possibilities offers a suitable solution for almost every application. The combination of white light / UV illumination with luminescent applications or the detection of blank transparent labels on opaque or transparent support material are just two examples which now may be optimized with the TubeScan PDF validation tool.

The Nyquist TubeScan product portfolio is distributed worldwide exclusively by Nyquist Systems’ sales partner BST eltromat International. This makes it possible for Nyquist Systems to concentrate on the development and manufacturing of TubeScan systems. More than 850 sold TubeScan systems confirm this successful cooperation between BST eltromat and Nyquist.

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