Océ – Canon enters digital label market with the new LabelStream 4000 series

By launching LabelStream 4000 Series Océ, a Canon company, is entering the digital label market (Source: Océ/Canon)

GERMANY • The imaging solutions supplier Canon is entering the label and package printing market by launching the new Océ LabelStream 4000 series (see video in this post). According to Océ the industrial-scale UV inkjet press with optional flexo printing, embellishment and finishing units has a productivity range of 950 to 1672 sqm/h.  The commercial start of the line in Europe will be at the end of 2018. 

According to the company, the press is suitable for enabling fast, affordable production of high-quality self-adhesive labels such as fast moving consumer goods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The solution is based on the inkjet DNA of Canon and Océ and combines the virtues of UV inkjet printing with conventional technologies.


At its core the Océ LabelStream 4000 series is a five-colour UV inkjet press (CMYK and white) with a print speed of 48 m/min. It offers print widths of 330 mm (13”) or 410 mm (16”) and an optional performance mode of 68 m/min for less demanding print jobs. Providing a one-pass digital high opacity white of more than 80% at standard press speed the opacity of analogue printing technologies such as rotary screen and flexo can be matched.

According to the company, Xaar 2001 UV inkjet printheads with a resolution of 720 x 600 dpi and different quality modes aim to guarantee the reproduction of fine details, smooth tones, vibrant color and solids on a range of standard label stocks including PP, PE, BOPP plus selected special substrates.

The system can be expanded to a full hybrid configuration with a custom mix of additional flexo, embellishment and finishing units turning it into a fully integrated single-pass label conversion line to meet various demands and budgets.

Océ Labelstream 400 – an overview of the features (according to Océ):

  • Modular toolbox: available from standalone digital press to a full hybrid configuration, available: digital, flexo, finishing and embellishment units, seamlessly integrated
  • Productivity: Two print speeds of 48 m/min (157 fpm) and 68 m/min (223 fpm) combined with two print width of 330 mm (13”) and 410 mm (16”) correspond to a productivity range of 950 – 1,672 sqm/h
  • White opacity: >80% opacity in one-pass at standard press speed
  • Seamless integration and automation: Single-point of operation, servo-drive technology, auto-registration and impression setting plus inspection cameras enhances the usability while reducing make-ready times

Christian Unterberger states: “The new Océ LabelStream 4000 series is the next step in advancing our market strategy. We plan to grow in the packaging market and ultimately play a leading role.”

Commercial availability of the Océ LabelStream 4000 series in Europe will be end of 2018.

By launching LabelStream 4000 Series Océ, a Canon company, is entering the digital label market (Source: Océ/Canon)

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