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Omet – A record drupa

NarrowWebTech interviewed sales and marketing director Marco Calcagni about the drupa experience

GERMANY • The inviting Omet stand saw a continuous flow of visitors mainly attracted by the big new entry to the show: the Varyflex V2 Offset 850, a package printing press which is said to be an ideal solution for the production of small and medium print runs. In addition, on the Landa stand they also had the XFlex X6 on display with integrated Nano-Metallography unit.

Another big attraction at the Omet stand was the iFlex flexo label printing press. Thanks to the iVision control and to the laser application to a narrow-belt printing press (iLight), iFlex has demonstrated to the world just how easy and fast it can be to change subject and die-cut board, with minimum waste and immediate accurate print register.

NarrowWebTech interviewed sales and marketing director Marco Calcagni about the drupa experience:

  1. Did drupa meet your expectations?

Yes, sure. Drupa is the main event for the whole printing industry and everybody knows it. Number and quality of visitors have been higher of past editions.

  1. What was the highlight of your 2016 drupa? What impressed you least?

The positivity of visitors and potential customers. This is not so common in these years, to get in touch with a really enthusiastic feeling. Printing industry is still growing and people is looking for new solutions and innovation, this is the best news for us.

  1. What is your opinion about digital printing and flexo and gravure printing for the production of packaging?

Digital printing for packaging is growing but still a niche. We believe that flexo and offset are more and more competitive for the production of packaging compared to gravure.

  1. What is your opinion about competitors from Asia, South America and Africa?

Drupa gives to visitors the possibility to compare all kind of offer, from the high technology manufacturer to the first price one. We think that innovation and knowledge are still a guarantee for the investors, but competition from emerging markets is growing. Anyway I think it should be logic to ask to all technology manufacturers from Far East to show and sell only products who are in accordance with the European laws.

  1. Can you give us a rough estimate (in percentages) of what the country of origin was of your visitors?

We registered 40% more contacts compared to 2012, from all over the world. The most of the visitors came from Europe, but the percentage of the extra-European visitors has been higher than in the past.

Armin Karl Geiger

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