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Omet: Double unwinding system

Double unwinder on XFLEX X4

ITALY  At their recent open house event, Omet introduced a double unwinder; a semi-automatic unwinding system for fast change of the printing substrate. The company claims that with the double unwinder, an operator only needs to switch from one material roll to another, previously uploaded on the second shaft of the double unwinder, cut, splice and then start printing.

The second unwinding shaft is an option that can be applied to the printing presses of the XFlex line. The two shafts can be used alternatively so the preparation of the new roll on the free shaft can be carried out while the machine is still in operation.

The double unwinder helps save several minutes in the changeover process; as a consequence, the productivity and profitability of the machine increase with any type of run. The company presents an example: with a production speed of an average 120 m/min, the use of material rolls of 2,000 m each and two eight-hour job shifts a day, can save 321 hours of production in one year (over a total of 230 days of machine output a year) on any Omet printing press. This equates to a saving of approximately 1090 rolls of raw material.

Overall costs are decreased to 75% and the machine downtime for roll replacement is reduced to less than one minute, compared to three minutes on a configuration without double unwinder when the extra time is needed to remove the core of the finished roll and upload the new one. In addition, the job change can be performed by one operator only as the roll replacement is carried out during production.

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Andreas Keller

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