Omet – Fully automated printing with X6.0

The Omet X6.0 is a printing press with automatic pressure adjustment (Source: Omet)

ITALY • The Omet X6.0, which is a further development of the X6 narrow-web printing press for labels and packaging, introduced at Labelexpo Europe 2017, integrates two new features. First, renewed flexo groups with automatic pressure adjustment and Cruise Control provide the possibility to automatically adapt the printing pressures at each change of repeat, material or production speed. Second, the Multivision system enables for faster printing register adjustment and control thanks to a set of smart micro-cameras, one on each printing unit, that enable the independent tuning of the register in real time, drastically reducing machine downtime and set-up waste.

The Twist die-cutting station, with “Easy-Change Die” system is a unit with double sliding cassette, which, according to Omet, enables the preparation and of the die-cutting job off-line during production and effortless changeover operations in less than one minute. The Double Unwinder, a semi-automatic system that helps save time in the reel changeover operation, increasing the profitability of the press no matter the length of the run.


According to Omet, the X6.0 can also count on new devices driven by the concept of Industry 4.0. A concrete example is the use of the Smart Glasses: through the augmented reality, they can improve the overall performance of the operator with real benefits in terms of cost reduction, maintenance and productivity. The use of the Smart Glasses is mainly valuable in customer service support, since they allow for faster and more effective assistance operations.

All machines shown by Omet at Labelexpo Europe 2017 are described in this post!

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