Omet – Integrated solutions for a smart converting process

ITALY • The converting process is a strategic part of label and packaging production which involves time, costs and risks. To cope with these criticalities and streamline the processes, Omet has developed integrated in-line solutions creating a valuable option for current and future customers.

Printing lines of the company’s product portfolio can be configured with die-cutting systems. The Omet iFlex, the X4 and the X5 can be supplied with the easy-change die-cut (ECDC), a compact die-cutting unit that allows a job changeover in less than one minute. According to the company it makes the workflow easier and safer eliminating the need for a lifting devices.


The X6 line features a high-performing die-cutting module; according to Omet, the so-called Twist is a smart unit with double cassette for smooth and effortless changeover operations. It simplifies the operator’s life and minimizes set-up time due to the integrated ECDC system. This enables the preparation of the die-cutting job offline during production and the cylinder changeover with a push through the company’s “in & out” sliding device. After a few seconds needed for the automatic pre-registration the machine is back in production. According to the manufacturer, with standard converting groups a full die-cutting changeover may require 20 to 30 minutes, while with the Omet Twist it is is done within a minute.

Available on the Omet X6 is further the MonoTwinCut, a format-free die-cutting unit, which works with a single magnetic cylinder for all label shapes or dimensions, drecreasing operational costs and changeover downtime. The only operation to be conducted is the change of the flexible die, while the magnetic cylinder remains in place. It includes also fully automatic pre-register and register control.

At Labelexpo Europe, the most important label show this year, Omet demonstrated the three lines, the XFlex X6.0, iFlex and XFlex X6 Offset, at Brussels Expo.

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