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Romanian converter installed the second digital flexo press

From left: Eduard Toncu, Production Manager (Romprix), Cristian Dobrota Director (Romprix), Mihai Cobianu (Printman)

ROMANIA • Gidue announced that the second Gidue M5 Digital Flexo printing machine had been installed in the headquarters of the Romanian converter Romprix. The cooperation with Gidue started at the beginning of 2013 with the installation of the first M5 Digital Flexo press 370mm.

The second M5 Digital Flexo press machine presents the same configuration of the first one, a part from the additional QN3 technology that will make them able to produce also three layers coupon-labels in-line. Furthermore, it is equipped with eight UV flexo print units, two die-cutting stations and the advanced HD Camera Technology on each print unit.

This technology checks the color consistency of each printed label and “self-adjusts” print pressure, density and print register thanks to the use of seven servo driven motors on each unit. The machine set-up is fully automated, print quality is monitored and adjusted at any manufacturing speed, across a full range of substrates.

Andreas Keller

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