Rotoflex – Latest die-cutting design unveiled

The redesigned DSI die-cutting platform

USA • Responding to converter demand for more streamlined finishing workflows and increased productivity, Rotoflex has redesigned its DSI die-cutting platform to be a smaller footprint machine.
A contributor to this redesign is the incorporation of servo drives into the platform. Smaller than the legacy AC vector motors, this reengineering has decreased the size of the power cabinet significantly, thereby reducing the footprint. The independently driven servo drives manage the unwind, die cut, matrix and rewinds, and are controlled by the proprietary Rotoflex URC 2.0 control system, ensuring precise tension control and enhanced accuracy in die-cutting and slitting. Speed has also been increased and the updated platform can now perform very accurate slitting and die-cutting at speeds up to 1000 fpm (305 m/min), a 30% increase over production speeds of legacy DSI models.
Production managers will appreciate the versatility of this new Rotoflex DSI as well. Idle equipment does not contribute to productivity, and if a job only requires inspection and rewinding, die-cutting equipment may sit idle during that job run. The updated design of the Rotoflex DSI accommodates a variety of inspection systems and the die-cutting unit can be disengaged for specific jobs, meaning it may be run as a slitter/rewinder or as a die cutter, accommodating more applications and job types. This allows production managers to better manage job mix and optimize workflows.

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