Rotometrics – Launch of a new DigiNow flexible die for offline digital presses

USA • The company launched its first flexible die specifically manufactured to help digital press converters optimize die cutting performance. Launching in the Americas markets (US, Canada and Latin America in 2017) DigiNow is specifically designed to work with semi-rotary offline finishers equipped with an adjustable anvil roll.

According to Rotometrics its new flexible die is the only universal digital flexible die with the ability to cut all standard digital pressure sensitive materials.


The DigiNow marks the first combined product development effort of the RotoMetrics and Electro Optic R&D teams since the companies merged this past Spring.

An optimized and tightly controlled blade geometry is set to allow a single DigiNow flexible die to do the job four flexible dies used to do. It is able to cut a range of materials including paper/paper, film/paper, paper/film, or film/film. As a result, customers can save time and money using a highly effective and economical library of popular die shapes to convert virtually all standard digital press materials. DigiNow was initially launched in the US, Canada and Latin America in September 2017.

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