Schreiner LogiData – Extremely thin RFID label

Feinscan von Großbilddia Herr Weiß leicht retuschiert freigestellt

Germany • At this year’s euroID held in Frankfurt am Main from November 18 – 20, the company presented the ((rfid))-DistaFerr Slim Label. It combinces the advantages of UHF RFID technology with RFID reading on metal. With compact dimensions of 60 mm x 23 mm x 0.5 mm (2.36” x 0.9” x 0.02”) the label is much smaller than standard solutions and enables consistent marking of metallic products with good reading range of one meter.

As an RFID nameplate, the ((rfid))-DistaFerr Slim Label can be applied directly to metal for identification within a range of up to one meter (3.3 ft). Readability on non-metal is up to one and a half meters (4.9 ft). Reading is contactless and without optical line of sight. Thanks to its rugged design the label resists even harsh ambient conditions and withstands ambient temperatures from -20 to +95 degrees Celsius (-68 to +203 degrees Fahrenheit. The label can be programmed and printed on location off-the-roll and is particularly well suited for production, service and assembly processes in the mechanical engineering, general industrials, automotive and metal processing sectors. The ((rfid))-DistFerr Slim Label enables communication between metal components that automatically transmit in-process machine parameters or settings.

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