Schreiner MediPharm – Pharma label with self-lifting parts

Due to its special design, the starter tab of the detachable Pharma-Comb SL label part is self-lifting

GERMANY •The company developed a new version of the Pharma-Comb SL (Self-Lifting) label with a starter tab. The special label design is particularly easy to use on small vials allowing efficient and reliable marking of the medication while increasing patient safety at the same time.

This solution is based on a three-layered film label. The outer layer offers ample space for important product information and post-printing with the batch number and expiration date. When opening the outer layer, which tightly wraps around the small vial, the detachable part underneath is exposed. Due to its special design, the starter tab of the detachable label part is self-lifting. As a result, the physician or nurse can peel it off even with gloves on and mark the syringe after drawing up the medication from the vial. The detachable label contains information about the product name and active ingredients. Additionally, it has two fields for entering the date and time of administration, and the dose and the initials of the physician or nurse. Due to a special varnish coating of the detachable label it can be inscribed by hand with a variety of pens or pencils.


Pharma-Comb labels are specialty products with one or several detachable parts printed with the most important data. The small vial size posed a special challenge for the new version of the Pharma-Comb SL label. Despite minimal space, the label must contain all important product information, provide room for variable post-printing, and integrate a detachable part to mark the disposable syringe after drawing up the anesthetic.

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