SPGPrints – RotaLen direct HD laser engraver for narrow-web rotary screens

 THE NETHERLANDS • The company has introduced a new direct laser engraver for digitally imaging narrow-web rotary screens. Debuting at Labelexpo Americas 2016, the new version of the RotaLen features an improved laser that images to high-definition (HD) standards, and an extended engraving width that is suitable for wider screens and in some cases two meshes simultaneously.

Featuring a sealed CO2 laser the new product is set to ablate the printed areas without film, chemicals or water, RotaLen images SPGPrints’ non-woven nickel re-engravable RotaMesh and reusable RotaPlate screens with resolutions of up to 4000dpi in a single, digital step.


The enhanced laser system is designed to meet the demand from personal care brand owners and their suppliers seeking solutions for providing more information on a label with high clarity. According to the company, the laser meets this requirement by engraving screens to HD quality standards and facilitating precise reproduction of fine characters, including oriental text.

The engraver accommodates RotaMesh screens up to 660 mm (26”) in length, and a wider drum that allows two RotaPlate engraving jobs to be completed in a single engraving cycle, thereby reducing handling times and improving the efficiency of the pre-press stage. The new product is compatible with the company’s range of rotary screeners.

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