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Toyo Ink Arets – UV flexo inks for food labels

BELGIUM • The wholly owned subsidiary of the Toyo Ink Group introduced an expanded product lineup geared up as Steraflex, a new generation of UV flexo inks for label and packaging applications. New to this year’s lineup is Steraflex FOOD, an ink system that exhibits low migration and low odor properties. Formulated without ITX, Benzophenone and VOCs, it supports food label printers and packaging converters to achieve desired print results while respecting EuPIA guidelines and materials migration limits listed in the Swiss Ordinance.

Based on a low migration polymeric photoinitiator system with minimized use of small molecules, Steraflex FOOD is not only safe for food packaging but also exhibits excellent flow, stability and imaging capabilities. It is ideal for primary food packaging, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other sensitive applications where high quality print and low migration potential are imperative.


Armin Karl Geiger

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