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Unilux – Handheld and fixed mount strobe light

LED-3 is a handheld and fixed-mount strobe light for narrow-web printers and converters

USA • LED-3 is a handheld and fixed-mount strobe light for narrow-web printers and converters. This new light is ideal for spot-checking production defects and mechanical troubleshooting on package printing and converting systems, and it can be an effective complement to automated inspection systems.

The LED-3 can be configured for flood- or spot-lighting patterns and can emit standard (white light) or UV-spectrum light for security printing. The fixed-mount model features remote operation and trigger inputs for instant synchronization to movement. Multiple strobes can be connected across a machine to synchronize frequency in various locations or allow simultaneous use of UV and standard inspection lights. The portable handheld model weighs 2.4 pounds (1.10 kg). It has a battery life of up to four hours for full-spectrum lighting and up to eight hours for UV. All models come in high-quality, durable, all-metal construction.

The LED-3 takes the place of outmoded xenon inspection lights. Compared with xenon these new LED lights are smaller, lighter and twice as bright. They are also environmentally safer, since they don’t emit ozone like xenon lights do. Because LEDs last for years instead of months, as xenon lamps do, they virtually eliminate maintenance associated with lamp replacement. Overall these lights make it easier to detect the smallest of defects, thereby further reducing waste and costs.

Armin Karl Geiger

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