Vetaphone – Taking the guesswork out of surface treatment

The new Vetaphone iCorona Film Tester 1000/600

DENMARK • The inventors of the corona pre-treatment process have come up with the iCorona Film Tester 1000/600. The system, for which a patent application has been made, is designed to analyse the amount of surface treatment required for any given substrate before the job is started, to ensure perfect print quality. Therefore it is suitable to take the guesswork out of surface treatment.

Every film has specific surface characteristics, so it is essential to determine the correct Corona dosage (Watt/sqm/min) to create the right adhesion level (dyn/cm).  The first test is a simple RED 38 dyn pen, but there are two more advanced tests that produce data for every substrate and ink to ensure top performance.


Test 2 creates exact material curves for polymer based films to ensure the correct treatment level is applied, while Test 3 creates wetting characteristics for a specific film surface to verify that the chosen ink will match the job, film type, and desired quality.  There is also an optional surface analysis tool that can create reports based on the wetting angle.

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